Tapping into your Intuition  

Have you ever wondered…

Why are some people wealthy and others suffer in dire states of poverty?

Why does life seem easy for some while others seem to have perpetual doom?

Why are some mostly happy, kind, and genuine with splashes of sadness, while happiness is an elusive elixir for others (regardless of their financial or social status)?

These are the questions that bothered me at 7 years old. They circled my mind as I lay in bed. These were the things I wanted to discuss with my friends. Everything felt muddled until I got the answer, then everything became increasingly simple...

Yes, the answer is your intuition.

What is intuition? Is it the voices in my head?

Allowing intuition means to listen/see/feel/be with yourself. But as you know, there can be several voices in your head to listen to (think about in religion and the voice of God and the voice of the Devil) and we are so often told to meditate to quieten these voices.

Umm, ok. Not helpful. (Hint: That isn’t the true purpose of meditation by-the-way, however we will touch on the truth of this in the program -- as needed.)

In my reality, I know which voice IS my intuition. I know how to recognize it in my body. I know how complicated my life gets when I don’t listen. It took me many years to hone in on these skills and get over my rebellious nature to honor my intuition. That’s WHY I am so passionate about helping others do the same!

What is Tapping into your Intuition (TIYI)?

This program is a one-of-a-kind experience designed to serve each of the participants as deeply as possible. The structure is flexible to allow for the download of inspired and divinely guided content, and tailored to serve those present on each call.

Hey there I'm Kavita Singh, the creator and facilitator of this message. I am here to guide you to download and walk what I teach. In this special container, we all get to contribute and co-create to amplify the journey, with lessons for each of us and healing through one another.

The TRUTH that needs to be acknowledged is that everyone has their own perception of what intuition should be, and what it looks like in their practical reality. I invite you in this program to allow your definition and practical use of intuition to evolve, as you expand your awareness and knowing of your purpose, values, life, and mission on the planet.

You might be asking yourself, “But how do you KNOW?”

The first step is to recognize what is showing up for you! It’s recognizing the truth of what IS already you, and then tweaking your tools and support systems to allow you to thrive.

It’s lonely fighting your demons and building your dreams by yourself. It’s harsh when you allow others in and face rejection or betrayal...

BUT...when you find your soul-tribe, it’s MAGICAL! TIYI gives you an opportunity to explore what this looks and feels like.

For this TIYI 5.0 starting October 2018...

The launch theme will be around Visibility!

We are exploring what it looks like in our lives and business and how are we approaching this from our intuition.


This means by the end of this program you will have...


clear idea of what visibility means for you.

The piece you desire, to feel more comfortable around being visible.

A plan of action that works for you, for this phase of your life. 

TIYI: The BIG picture...


*Telling it like it is (your current reality/calling)


*Learning what needs to change


*"I am where I am" (making peace and surrendering)


*Creating your ideal life


*Setting goals and tracking them


*Daily mindfulness


*Taking aligned action (divine guidance and leveraging the universe)


*Course correcting


*Upgrading your toolkit


*Celebrating a brand new YOU!

Why is intuition important?

In order to access your inner wisdom, a GPS system to guide you through the chaos, uncertainty or unknown facets in your life...

You must put your intuition as the first go-to part of YOU, and as a result you get the experience of...

“Ahhh! That's THE thing I'm looking for, I didn’t know what it was until this moment!”  

Who is this program for?

⃟ the woman who rebels against systems and needs to find her own

⃟ the woman who needs to be heard, seen, and recognized from a soul-level to the human version of herself where she is constantly evolving

⃟ the woman who needs to understand her voices and then develop her "knowing"

⃟ the woman who has so many ideas that she doesn't know what to do with them

⃟ the woman who loves truth, love, and freedom

⃟ the woman who is curious and willing to find her truth

⃟ the woman who is reliving the same stories again and again and needs to see things from a different perspective

What’s in it for me?

Some benefits and outcomes that happen as a result of being in this program...


*You will understand what unconditional love looks like

*You will finally be able to touch on those tweaks that you needed in your awareness to create everyday magic and miracles in your life

*You will no longer try to fit yourself into boxes in order to function on this planet

*You will have the courage to face your shadows and organically release them

*You get to uncover the layers, and find the magic and value in each and every piece

Which means...

You build better relationships with ALL you are in contact with  (including your clients).


You are clearer on your boundaries, what your values are, and what you stand for (and these things impact your branding, marketing, and sales).


You develop a stronger relationship with yourself, your intuition, your guides, and your source (which means you are more purposeful about the people, places and things you invest your time and energy into).


You rediscover the path that is true to you. And you live it (and that allows for serendipity to be the pixie dust that creates joy and laughter in your life everyday).


You experience freedom from the constraints of society and your mind, as you eventually embrace change and transition with amusement (so, you stop engaging in fear and stress and all the physical ailments that follow).


You bend time by connecting with people and places at the right time, even if things fall apart (there is no longer fear around missing deadlines or people-pleasing, as everything happens in synchronicity with your greater good).


You have more to giggle about. Seriously. Joy is what we all enjoy experiencing.


Surprising and delightful moments, that are beyond what you can imagine at the time you're reading this.

Here's the Nitty-Gritty...

Currently enrollment for TIYI 5.0 is closed. 

Not to worry! We will notify you as soon as it's available!

Here's what people are saying about TIYI 5.0...

"I don't know how to speak about the value I have received. How do you measure the qualities of life that I now enjoy? The divine feminine energy that is more and more flowing through me? The abundance of support, also from the masculine, that I am now receiving? The strong woman who models that for her children? The influence I am on others? The light I spread through my being? It's priceless."
- Anna

"I am grateful for my connection to Kavita. She is a wonderful, gifted healer and I know my life is better because she's a part of it. Thank you, Kavita, for being so generous with your time and for sharing your gifts with the world. We all benefit from it."
- Michelle

"She makes everything feel possible! She holds space for the transformation to happen in the most unconditionally loving way ever. YET she is also really good at not letting you hold on to the old stories. She channels the information with the outmost amount of confidence and grace and THAT allows one to feel like everything they want is possible and it activates a deep level of self-trust."
- Yola

"There are at least 100 best things about working with Kavita - her presence - always full of unconditional love, compassion and understanding that helps you feel safe, heard, accepted and gives you the ability to really open up and go deep. Her depth, her absolutely amazing intuitive gifts, that always help her find the root of the problem and offer the best solution. Her laser sharp coaching abilities, her ability to speak the truth and not sugar coat things but call you out when needed. Her huge heart and also her sense of humor that always helps dispense the density in hard moments. I just love her."
- Nina


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